Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Almost not a "beginner" anymore!

Great run this morning - the 30-second breaks are already starting to feel unnecessary, and I had no problem extending a couple of the jogs to 7 and 8 minutes. Jet says that this is the last week we time ourselves, and starting next week, we measure by distance. Then she said that it's almost time to phase in 10-mile runs. Ex-squeeze me?! Aside from the sheer intimidation factor, I'm a little worried about finding the time to run that long, even if it's only once a week (especially at my pace). But hey, if I can run 10 miles, then 13.1 will be no biggie!

On the downside, I got a migraine about half an hour after I finished running, but I refuse to believe that the two are related. As soon as my head stops throbbing, I'll be itching to lace up for tomorrow morning!

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