Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shameless, as usual

In my typical "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" way, I am (of course) starting my blog on a day that I had a GREAT run. I promise I'll include struggles and off-days too, but for now, I'm starting on a high note.

I jogged 3 miles this morning. To be fair, I took 1-minute walking breaks every 5 minutes, but I still finished in 40 minutes. Now I have a "time to beat" when I do my first official 5k in about a month. By then, there won't be any walking breaks and I'm sure "Jet" will keep me in line! I'm a little more sore than normal, but this was my 5th run for the week, and I didn't feel like I was dying when I finished. Big improvement from early June!

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