Sunday, September 27, 2009

The big day!

After a grueling three-plus months, the day finally arrived - Race Judicata, my first official 5k. My time was not anything to brag about (41 minutes), but I ran the whole thing with no walks. I wasn't prepared for the hills, but all in all, I felt good the whole time. KBB ran with me - I'm sure I slowed her down, but having her there motivated me to keep moving. Next time I run in the daylight, I need sunglasses!

Next week starts the 10k training. Bring it on! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nice, strong end to the week!

Yay - Jet is back on the road with me! And as usual, she ran circles around me!

Yesterday, we did an "easy" 2 miles. We talked the whole time - talk about huffing and puffing! Today was 3.5 miles. I think the idea of it was worse than the actual run. We did chat for the first couple of miles, and then when we hit about the 2.5 mark, I was winded and needed a bit of a walk-break. Over those 90 seconds, Jet go so far ahead of me, I could barely see her in the distance! But she circled back to me for my last .25 miles or so. All in all, I felt good afterwards. And ready for a long nap!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off to a good start this week

According to my 5k program, I was supposed to run 3.25 miles yesterday. I went to and found a route that fit the bill. I ran for about 41 minutes (though 1 minute of that was a short catch-my-breath walking break), and when I got home, I checked the map again. It turns out the maps pre-date the completion of the subdivision I ran through. I knew I was supposed to run to the "end" of the road on the map, but in real life, the road goes farther than the map, so I actually ran closer to 3.5 miles. Yay me! :)

Today was an "easy" day on the schedule - only 2 miles. I am amazed that I can run 2 miles at all, let alone as an "easy" day in the middle of the training!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Change of plans...

I didn't get to run the 5k on Saturday. It's all good- I got to spend a "bonus" night with my girls. But it did throw off my training schedule for the week, since I only ran Tuesday and Thursday in anticipation of the race.

This morning, I was already out the door when I realized that the battery my iPod (a necessary accessory!) was so low that the sound was distorted. I turned back to grab my husband's iPod, but his charge was also extremely low. I ended up using my youngest daughter's iPod which, fortunately, nearly mimicked my own play list.

My route was 3 miles, but I struggled a bit and had to take a couple of short walking breaks. I've decided that 3 runs in one week isn't enough to maintain my schedule. Time to get back on track!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So close, and still so far (that's a good thing!)

I've gotten used to running 5 days a week. Today was my second run of the week, and I only have one to go, but it's a milestone.

Tuesday, Jet and I were going to do our first 3-mile continuous run. Unfortunately, Jet has an injury, and even though she fought her way through the pain, we agreed after 2 miles to walk the last mile home. I really hope this isn't a season-ending injury for her - I am so much more motivated when I'm trying to catch up!

Today, I mapped out a 3 mile run. Along the way, I made a minor adjustment because of some construction and figured that as long as I ran for as long as 3 miles should take (at my pace), I'd be good. I ran for 36 minutes (yes, I am the slowest runner ever!) and ended up within a block of home, so I used that one block as my cool-down. When I got home, I used (thanks, Jet!!) to chart the route, and it turned out to be "only" 2.92 miles. That's close enough, right?

By the way - my one more run this week is a real 5k. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I didn't write much this week, but I have been running. In fact, I'm about finished with the first week of the 5k training program.

I ran with Jet on Wednesday - good run, but still about .25mi. longer than we intended. I was on my own on Friday. The run was pretty solid, but the humidity was a killer. I'm ready for my training to NOT include days that reach over 100 degrees or any type of humidity!

I went today as well. I felt like I needed to do two days in a row, not just to make sure I did enough runs this week, but to make sure I can push myself without a day of rest in between. I was off to a good start, but the not-so-distant thunder and lightning caused me to cut my run short - only 1 mile today. I guess that means I get to try again tomorrow!