Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Off to a good start this week

According to my 5k program, I was supposed to run 3.25 miles yesterday. I went to and found a route that fit the bill. I ran for about 41 minutes (though 1 minute of that was a short catch-my-breath walking break), and when I got home, I checked the map again. It turns out the maps pre-date the completion of the subdivision I ran through. I knew I was supposed to run to the "end" of the road on the map, but in real life, the road goes farther than the map, so I actually ran closer to 3.5 miles. Yay me! :)

Today was an "easy" day on the schedule - only 2 miles. I am amazed that I can run 2 miles at all, let alone as an "easy" day in the middle of the training!

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