Thursday, September 10, 2009

So close, and still so far (that's a good thing!)

I've gotten used to running 5 days a week. Today was my second run of the week, and I only have one to go, but it's a milestone.

Tuesday, Jet and I were going to do our first 3-mile continuous run. Unfortunately, Jet has an injury, and even though she fought her way through the pain, we agreed after 2 miles to walk the last mile home. I really hope this isn't a season-ending injury for her - I am so much more motivated when I'm trying to catch up!

Today, I mapped out a 3 mile run. Along the way, I made a minor adjustment because of some construction and figured that as long as I ran for as long as 3 miles should take (at my pace), I'd be good. I ran for 36 minutes (yes, I am the slowest runner ever!) and ended up within a block of home, so I used that one block as my cool-down. When I got home, I used (thanks, Jet!!) to chart the route, and it turned out to be "only" 2.92 miles. That's close enough, right?

By the way - my one more run this week is a real 5k. :)

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